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What I think about Donald Trump’s speech at the RNC

The first-time presidential nominee of the Republican Party has given a speech to a convention full of conservatives.

In the first 100 days, the GOP nominee has said the GOP is “the party of Lincoln.”

This week, in his speech, Trump repeated his campaign mantra that he is not a racist, but a nationalist who wants to restore “American greatness.”

What I find strange about his rhetoric is that I think he would make a good president, but he has been in office longer than anyone in the country, and the Republican establishment, including his own party, has rejected him.

I have no doubt that Donald Trump would be a very good president.

And I think it is a mistake for Republicans to be voting for him.

If he’s the nominee, they need to stop.

But the fact is, the party is in such disarray that they can’t elect the president.

If Trump were the nominee for the party, he would be an effective president and he would have a chance to win the presidency.

He would have an agenda, he’d be able to work with Republicans, and he could be successful.

But his policies would be unpopular and they would never be popular with the public.

He is a racist and a nationalist, and if he is elected president, he will not be able get that done.

In my opinion, he is a failure and I think that he will be a failure as president.

But I think the Republican party, and I’m talking about the conservative wing of the party as well, needs to stop voting for Trump.

He has said some bad things and he’s said some terrible things.

But it is not the case that he’s a racist.

And he has said it with great conviction.

What I also think is wrong is the way the Republican leadership is handling this.

They are saying, “Look, we can’t have the Trump campaign as the nominee.

We can’t let Donald Trump become the nominee.”

That is ridiculous.

They should not allow that.

They have got to let Trump become nominee.

It is not going to happen.

I will say this: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump.

But if he’s nominated, he’ll be a good leader.

He will do a great job.

If I were him, I would vote for him, because he’s my friend and I’ve known him for a long time.

But now the Republicans are in disarray, and it is time to go back to normal.

So I think we need to make a change.

I’m going to be watching closely to see what happens, because I think this is the moment.

And what I would like to see is a change in leadership.

It’s time for a change to the convention.

It can’t be Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, because it’s not going get us to the Republican National Convention.

So the question is, are there enough delegates to be nominated by the Republican convention?

The answer is no, there are not.

And there are enough delegates that I have spoken to who believe that the Republican nomination should be by the convention to pick up the nomination.

And that’s a great step in the right direction.

But we have to get back to what I called a normal Republican convention.

The Republicans are not normal Republicans.

They’re not Republicans who will work with President Trump, they’re Republicans who are not going back to the days of Ronald Reagan, who did not give a speech and they’re not going for the nomination, because they believe that Donald is not qualified to be president.

That’s not normal.

I’ve been to more Republican conventions than I can count.

I can go back and tell you that, when I was a young Republican in 1984, I was there in 1984 when Ronald Reagan was running for president, and we had a convention.

We had the nomination of the nominee of a party that is no longer in existence, and that’s the Republican Congress, the Republican Convention, that was the convention that nominated Ronald Reagan.

And it’s the same thing this year.

I think a normal convention is what the Republican people should be doing.

The convention that delegates will pick the nominee will be the convention of a new Republican Party.

The Republican Party is not working with President Donald Trump anymore.

And the Republican candidates are not working on behalf of President Donald, and they are not getting their message out.

And in many ways, the problem is more personal for the Republican base than the problem of Donald and Ted and the rest of the candidates.

And a lot of the voters who voted for Donald Trump are people who are frustrated with Washington, D.C. The problem is that the establishment in Washington, DC, and those who are running for office in Washington and in Congress, they are doing everything they can to keep Donald Trump from being the nominee because that’s not the party they want to be in.

That is not who they want the party to be.

So if the Republican voters in the Republican state of California and the other states