Watch movies Action movie When Netflix’s live-streaming service goes live in India

When Netflix’s live-streaming service goes live in India

Watch live-broadcast streaming from Netflix India, the world’s largest online video service, will start on December 14.

The service will be available for all users at a price of Rs. 4.99 per month.

The company said the service will offer “unprecedented” live streaming, adding, “Netflix has always been a leader in delivering great live video and our new Live Streaming platform brings it to even more people.”

The new service comes with a wide variety of features including, for example, an offline mode, a free trial, a daily-viewer option, and access to exclusive content and exclusive content videos.

The company also said users can now also watch live videos on the mobile device, with the app being available on the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

“India is a unique and exciting market for Netflix, and this service will give us a chance to deliver even more value to Indian consumers,” said Ajay Kapoor, CEO of Netflix India.

“We’re very excited to offer our customers a fantastic live video experience at a reasonable price.”

Netflix India plans to offer several features to its customers.

The new service is available on both the Android Wear platform and Apple Watch.

The app will be accessible on the watchOS platform on December 10.

On the Apple watch, users will be able to watch movies and shows on demand from Netflix, as well as play games and watch videos on demand.

On iOS, the new Netflix will be free of ads, and it will also have access to the company’s content library.

Users will be offered an unlimited number of videos to watch, and the company said it will add an option for the user to pause and rewind.

In India, users can also access the service through a dedicated app.

The Netflix app is available in Indian English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, and Marathi languages.

Users in other languages can also stream content on the app.

In addition to the live streaming service, the company will be introducing a free app for its Indian subscribers that will be used to store all their Netflix data.

The free app will also include access to all the Netflix content in India.

Netflix has been experimenting with different ways to monetize its live streaming platform.

The New York-based company recently launched a new service in partnership with Bollywood actor Bajrangi Bhaijaan, who will appear in the company ‘s upcoming feature film “Lets Be Heroes.”

Netflix has also been looking into ways to offer its customers a broader selection of films.

In August, the streaming giant said it would be launching a digital version of its subscription video service to compete with Amazon’s Prime Video.

Netflix’s streaming service in India was launched on September 12, and is available for Rs. 499 (about $6.70) per month, or Rs. 3,499 (about 49 cents) per year, per user.

Netflix India has also launched its streaming service to cater to its Indian audience, with a number of popular shows including “The OA,” “The Great Indo-US War,” “Black Mirror,” and “Gumby” streaming in the country.