Watch movies Exercise Watch Dutch Movie: The First Movie in Danish, It’s About the Danish People

Watch Dutch Movie: The First Movie in Danish, It’s About the Danish People

Danish movie-makers have been teasing fans for weeks with a video of the country’s film industry.

Now they’ve delivered.

The Danish film industry is known for making quirky, and sometimes controversial, films, but Danish film director Jorgensen Bødsen’s latest film, The First, is a far more political movie than its predecessors.

It’s about a Danish citizen who decides to take up the name of a political leader.

Jorgensen has spent much of his career working with the Danish government to develop new, more progressive ideas.

He’s also a passionate campaigner for gay rights.

The film is a love letter to Denmark’s liberal democratic values and is being hailed as the most liberal Danish film in years.

Jørgensen Bödsen/Denmark Film BoardOf course, there are plenty of Danish films that don’t stray far from liberal ideals, like the documentary Black Hole and the comedy In The Valley of The Sun.

But The First is different.

The director, who’s best known for his work on TV shows such as The Simpsons and Doctor Who, tells Recode that his films are not political.

He tells Recoded that he thinks his films do a better job of conveying the politics of a country.

The first film, he says, is about the Danish people.

Jurgensen Boddens The First in Danish in pictures 4:27Watch the Danish version of The First at Recode.

Watch the French version of the film at Recoding.

Watch The First and French version at Recoded.