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I got married to a Korean movie star, watch movie

I’m an American, and when I say American, I mean American.

When I say I’m Korean, I’m saying I’m American. 

I can’t stand it when American films are treated with such disrespect.

I don’t understand it. 

When I saw The Interview with Sony, my reaction was that it’s the most despicable piece of work of cinema ever produced. 

My family watched it, my friends watched it.

It’s not like this movie was bad.

But this movie is so poorly-written, it’s just so horrible.

I’ve been told I’ve been in love with a Korean actress for years.

When someone asks me what’s up with that, I respond, “She’s American.”

And I’ve seen that response a thousand times.

It’s like the worst compliment.

But there’s an American version of the joke.

It was a joke made in love, and a Korean version of it is “you’re American.”

When I’m at home, I say, “Hello, America.”

And when I’m not, I call my American friend and say,  “Hello American.” 

When a movie I’m watching gets a lot of love in the comments section, I can’t believe it.

I don’t know how many people have actually seen The Interview, but I bet you there are a lot.

It got a lot more love in its comments section than The Avengers or Ghostbusters, and that’s why I think it’s a great movie.

The whole world is watching.

The movie got more love than any of the previous movies combined.

And I think that’s a good thing.

I’m sure some of you have watched the trailer.

If you haven’t, here it is.

Watch the trailer and tell me you didn’t enjoy it.

It is, in many ways, a great film. 

And while The Interview is not the best of movies in the genre, it is not bad.

It is, at least, a movie that people who don’t care about cinema should watch.

It gets better. 

The movie goes on to make the case for its merits.

The plot is solid.

It makes an interesting case for the future of American culture.

It has a great cast.

It will make you think about American society in the future.

The only thing that is lacking is the plot. 

What’s missing?

There’s nothing. 

It makes me sad to see how poorly the film was written. 

This is the most important thing about movies.

They are the best.

But they are also the most difficult. 

If you can’t find a way to get excited about something, then it will never be as good as you hope. 

You might be a fan of movies you enjoy, but there’s no way you can watch it for its own sake. 

Do you enjoy movies that are good, but you’re not in the mood to watch them because you have a passion for other things?

Or do you prefer movies that you love, but not necessarily because of the plot?

Do you feel like movies are being marketed to people who just want to enjoy the movie and the movie is selling them something?

I think the answer is yes.