Watch movies Action movie Google Chrome 10 Beta is finally available in India

Google Chrome 10 Beta is finally available in India

Google has officially released its new browser in India, and it’s now available in the country.

As of today, the update has been available for the beta channel of Chrome, which is used for testing new versions of the browser.

As per Google, the Beta channel is only available to users in the United States and Canada, and those in those territories are limited to just two versions of Chrome at this time.

Google’s beta channels also have a few limitations, though.

One of those is that you can only install one update at a time, and that updates are only compatible with your PC.

There’s also no ability to add extensions to Chrome, although you can do that in the Developer Options.

To get the Beta update, you’ll need to download the Beta for Chrome 10 from Google Play.

The update should then be available on Chrome for Android and iOS later this week.

Chrome 10 Beta also includes a number of new features.

One is a feature called “WebView”, which gives you the ability to use Chrome’s WebKit browser to render web pages.

Another new feature is the “New Tab” feature, which lets you launch a new tab in Chrome and use it from the main menu.

While it’s not currently available in Chrome for Windows, you can download the new beta for Chrome for Linux, which should allow you to run it from your desktop or laptop.