Watch movies Action movie When the lights go out, the movie goes on

When the lights go out, the movie goes on

The lights are off at the movies in this small rural village in northern Ireland, but it’s still a family-friendly place.

We’re all watching a film together, said Anne, a mother of five.

I’m really proud of our family, she said.

And we’re watching our movies together.

We’ve all been through it together, she added.

A film that is about family, love and family values is always welcome, said John, a teacher from the village who has watched several films together in the past.

It’s a film that will bring families together, he said.

I hope the kids have a good time, he added.

The lights are also going out at the cinema in the village.

The cinema was closed for maintenance earlier this month and there are now only about 40 people watching the film.

There’s still time to catch up with the films, said the cinema owner.

We have about three or four more hours before we can start again, said his wife.

I just want to be able to go back and enjoy it.