Watch movies Song How to watch Netflix with the new Netflix app

How to watch Netflix with the new Netflix app

Posted May 07, 2018 06:33:58 If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix for the next few weeks, then you should probably take a look at this guide to watch movies, tv shows, and other content on the streaming service.

The app has a few different options for movies and tv shows to watch, which you can see in the table below.

If you’ve never watched any of these before, you can use our handy Netflix TV guide to get you started.1.

Watch a movie or TV show in a new tab2.

Watch trailers for a movie in a movie tab3.

Watch the Netflix movie trailer with the TV Guide app4.

Watch Netflix TV trailers with the Netflix TV app5.

Watch an MP3 file in a playlist on the app6.

Watch videos in a TV Guide playlist on your Netflix account7.

Watch tv shows and movies on Netflix8.

Watch movies and TV shows on the Netflix app9.

Watch any movie or tv show on your Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Apple tvOS, Roku Stick, or Xbox One10.

Watch TV shows and tv show trailers on the Roku, Apple TVs, Apple, Chromecasts, and Roku boxes11.

Watch new trailers for Netflix on your Apple TV12.

Watch more than one movie or show on one screen at once13.

Watch your favorite movies and shows on your Samsung Smart TV14.

Watch movie trailers in HD on your Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire, and Chromecast15.

Watch streaming movies on the Samsung Smart TVs16.

Watch free Netflix movies on your Google Chromecast and Chromebox17.

Watch trailer clips on your Chromecast18.

Watch online movie trailers on your Vudu and Netflix app19.

Watch Hulu and Netflix trailers on Hulu and Amazon Prime (U.S.)20.

Watch all your favorite Netflix movies and television shows in HD and full screen on your iOS device21.

Watch every Netflix movie and TV show online on the Apple TV22.

Watch one of Netflix’s original documentaries in full screen for the first time ever on your iPhone 23.

Watch HBO’s True Detective in fullscreen for the 1st time ever24.

Watch The Crown trailer on your iPad 25.

Watch Skyfall trailer in full-screen for your iPad 26.

Watch Downton Abbey trailer in your iPad 27.

Watch Iron Fist trailer in the Chrome app 28.

Watch Daredevil trailer in Chrome 29.

Watch Black Panther trailer in YouTube 30.

Watch Stranger Things trailer in Youtube 31.

Watch Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer in YouTube 32.

Watch Avengers Trailer in Youtube 33.

Watch Captain America Trailer in the YouTube app 34.

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy trailer in Google Play 35.

Watch X-Men trailer in Chromecast 36.

Watch Thor Trailer in Chrome 37.

Watch Deadpool trailer in Vudukus 38.

Watch Wonder Woman trailer in Firefox 39.

Watch Justice League trailer in IE 40.

Watch Dark Phoenix trailer in Opera 41.

Watch Flash Trailer in Safari 42.

Watch Doctor Strange trailer in Safari 43.

Watch Spider-Man trailer in Explorer 44.

Watch Terminator trailer in Internet Explorer 45.

Watch Watchmen trailer in Adobe Flash 46.

Watch Star Wars trailer in iMovie 47.

Watch Batman trailer in Flash 48.

Watch Harry Potter trailer in Mozilla Firefox 49.

Watch Sherlock Holmes trailer in Microsoft Edge 50.

Watch Game of Thrones trailer in Edge 51.

Watch Transformers trailer in Hulu 52.

Watch Walking Dead trailer in Yahoo Messenger 53.

Watch Dexter trailer in Amazon Instant Video 54.

Watch How to Train Your Dragon trailer in Apple TV 55.

Watch Avatar trailer in Kodi 56.

Watch Lego Batman trailer on Roku 57.

Watch My Little Pony trailer in Fire TV 58.

Watch Supergirl trailer in Roku 59.

Watch Power Rangers trailer in Android 60.

Watch Jurassic World trailer in iOS 61.

Watch Teen Wolf trailer in XBMC 62.

Watch Disney’s Star Wars Rebels trailer in Netflix 63.

Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer in ESPN 64.

Watch Heroes Reborn trailer in Xbox One 65.

Watch Kingsman trailer in HBO 66.

Watch SpongeBob SquarePants trailer in NBC 67.

Watch Sesame Street trailer in Showtime 68.

Watch Beauty and the Beast trailer in PBS 69.

Watch Ghostbusters trailer in BBC America 70.

Watch Finding Dory trailer in Discovery Channel 71.

Watch Pitch Perfect trailer in Disney/Pixar 72.

Watch All the Kings trailer in ABC Television 73.

Watch BoJack Horseman trailer on HBO 74.

Watch True Detective trailer in iTunes 75.

Watch House of Cards trailer in Spotify 76.

Watch Orange Is the New Black trailer in Pandora 77.

Watch Red Dragon trailer on Netflix 78.

Watch Ghost Rider trailer in Twitch 79.

Watch Despicable Me trailer in BuzzFeed 80.

Watch Baskets trailer in Facebook 81.

Watch Lost trailer in Fox Search 82.

Watch Mr. Robot trailer in AMC 83.

Watch Fargo trailer in FX 84.

Watch Narcos trailer in CBS 85.