Watch movies Song Why you shouldn’t watch Bollywood movies

Why you shouldn’t watch Bollywood movies

You’re probably going to be more excited to watch a Bollywood movie than anything else.

But if you’re looking for some fun Bollywood trivia, here are a few highlights.


The Bollywood songs are not the same as the Hindi ones.

There are actually two separate genres of Bollywood music.

The Hindi version is called the bhajan, which means “music” or “sound”.

Bollywood has a different name for it: Bollywood ka paani, which roughly translates to “song of the night”.

There are also two other styles of music called korangas.

These songs are a blend of the two genres and are often referred to as “indian folk songs”.


The movie is in Hindi.

You may have heard the term “Hindi Bollywood” as the name of the film’s title, but there are actually several different Hindi versions of the Bollywood films.

Some are subtitled while others are dubbed.

In most cases, they are meant to be listened to on a phone or on a laptop.

The majority of Hindi films released in the last decade have been dubbed.


The actors are all Hindi actors.

Many of them have worked with Indian directors.

The best-known of these is Amitabh Bachchan, who was the lead actor in Bollywood’s biggest hit, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

There’s also Amitabham, who played the titular villain in many Bollywood hits, including The Rajputs.


Bollywood is a religion.

There is a belief that it is a form of spirituality, which is why Bollywood fans have come together to make films about the spiritual path.


Bajan is not the most popular film genre.

According to a 2014 survey by the Indian Association of Film Studies, Bajans are often dismissed as “the lowest quality film” or, in the case of Bajanas, “a waste of money”.

Some Bajas, such as Kalyan, are considered the worst-reviewed films of all time.

But in India, Bollywood can be a powerful form of expression and can change perceptions of the world.