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What’s new in the AfD movie genre

The AfD party is a political party founded in 2009 that is aiming to become the third largest political party in Germany after the conservative Free Democrats (FDP) and the center-left Social Democrats (SPD).

AfD member and presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has won the presidential election on Sept. 24, making him the first head of a major party to win a major German election.

He is expected to lead the AfE, which is led by former SPD chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

The AfE has been criticized for its conservative positions on social issues and its attempts to win over some AfD voters with its anti-Islam rhetoric.

In its manifesto, the AfG calls for the removal of all Muslims from Germany.

The party has said it wants to “completely eradicate Islam” from the country.

Its website says that the AfK will take its message to all of Germany and its people.

The first-ever AfD-affiliated television series, AfD: The New Party, premiered Sept. 30 and will be available in German-language media outlets through a digital subscription.

The show features Hofer and a panel of AfD politicians.

It will air for a limited period on national television, which could be watched on cable and satellite.

“The AfD will continue its fight against the Islamic State in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq,” the AfDLP said in a statement.

“Its goal is to ensure that our countries and the world are not left behind and that we continue to face our common enemy.”

The AfDLPD, which won 18.3 percent of the vote in the presidential elections, also has a platform that calls for “a permanent national state of AfH, a republic that will not be divided into a German state and a German people state,” it said.

“We will never abandon our nation, our values and our way of life.”

The party also opposes the EU, NATO and the United States.

Its platform calls for a “free and independent Germany” that would focus on protecting the rights of women and LGBT people.

“A Germany of a free and independent and peaceful people, an independent, non-aligned and non-racist Germany,” it says.

The main focus of the AfF is on the need for “the end of Islamization in Europe,” and calls for ending “Islamization of Europe” by reducing immigration.

AfD leader Norbert hofer says he’s proud of the party’s election success Source: Reuters | License Photo Alfred Dolan/AFP via Getty Images The AfDL Party has a message for all who want to leave Islam, as it says Islam needs to be destroyed, said AfD parliamentarian Stefan Köhler.

“Islam is a crime against humanity.

We will never be satisfied with this,” he told DW.

The new AfD Party has also been criticized by some members for its anti the Islamophobia in its manifesto.

Hofer, who has spoken against the far right and anti-immigrant sentiment, said he was not against Islam at all.

“I don’t want to be a part of the group of people who want the destruction of Islam,” he said.

But he added that the party has been “too moderate” on many issues.

The next AfD elections will be held in 2019.

In 2018, the far-right party AfD won a historic third place in the country’s parliament election.

The group has yet to formally nominate its candidate, but party officials say they are aiming for an October 2018 general election.

This year’s elections were widely seen as a referendum on the party, with many parties calling for a break with its current leadership.

“For us, it is not a matter of whether we want to stay or leave the AfDN,” said Köhl.

“It is a matter about who should lead the party.”