Watch movies Series WATCH: ‘King Kong: A new look at the legendary monster’

WATCH: ‘King Kong: A new look at the legendary monster’

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of King Kong: The Legend of the Five Rings, Axios has a look back at the iconic beast’s origins, including the origins of the King Kong mask.

Here’s what we know about King Kong from the films:After becoming a legendary monster during the 1930s, the King of the Jungle was an ape that attacked the American Civil War.

A group of soldiers had to fight him to save the lives of many American soldiers during World War II.

The legendary ape’s name is still used in the United States today.

The original King Kong was made into a giant monster film starring John Wayne and Tom Hanks.

It starred a young Harrison Ford as the ape.

His name is often called “Harrison Ford” and “Hobbes” and was popular in Hollywood at the time.

In 1954, Kong was released into theaters in a new version, this time in black and white.

The film also featured new CGI.

The King of Kong had grown into a large, lumbering beast with horns and claws.

It was also given a new, larger mask.

A new film was made every year to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of King of The Jungle, which took place on April 7, 2019.

After King Kong, other classic monster films came out with new features, such as Godzilla and Alien.

It also was released in the early 1980s with a remake of the 1980s cult classic, Monsters of Rockwell.

The latest film from Legendary Pictures, Godzilla, was released this year.

The movie stars Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Franco and Morena Baccarin.

It’s the first Godzilla film since 2014, when the monster was replaced by King Kong.